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Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Institute of Cancer Prevention and Control, Shandong Cancer Hospital) was founded in 1958, affiliated to Shandong First Medical University (Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences), Shandong Provincial Health Commission as the business department, is a collection of medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, prevention and health care as one of the provincial cancer prevention and control research center and cross-provincial services. It is the construction unit of the national clinical key specialty of oncology, the selected unit of the National Difficult Disease Diagnosis and Treatment ability Improvement Project, the national drug clinical trial institution, the chairman unit of the Chinese Clinical Oncology Society (national first-level society), the chairman unit of the Radiotherapy Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the first-class scientific research institute of Shandong Province, and the Clinical Medicine Center of Shandong Province. It is the affiliated unit of Shandong Cancer Center, Shandong Cancer Quality Control Center, Shandong Anti-Cancer Association, Shandong Clinical Cancer Society and Shandong Cancer Prevention Office, and ranks the sixth place in Fudan Oncology reputation ranking for 12 consecutive years, ranking first in provincial cancer hospitals.
In the past ten years, he has won more than 20 national and provincial science and technology awards, including 3 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress, 1 He Liang Heli Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 Highest science and Technology Award of Shandong Province, and 8 first prizes of provincial and ministerial departments. In recent years, it has undertaken more than 130 national major projects, and won the national major chronic prevention and control projects for three consecutive times. Won the only “International Excellent Paper Award” of ASTRO Congress twice. In the past three years, the average number of SCI papers published annually has reached more than 200. In 2017, the total number of SCI papers published with more than 5 points ranked first in the province’s medical institutions, and ranked second with more than 3 points. Nearly 100 million yuan has been invested in the purchase of high-end basic research equipment such as small animal MRI, small animal PET-CT and small animal precision irradiator, and the construction of world-class platforms such as radioimmunity, molecular imaging, artificial intelligence and public platforms. With proton radiotherapy system, magnetic resonance guided accelerator, Cyberknife, TOMO and a number of high-end image-guided radiotherapy equipment representing the international advanced level, it is the hospital with the most advanced radiotherapy equipment and the most patients in China.

As a first-level doctoral and master’s training unit of clinical medicine, it is a clinical medical doctoral teaching point of 14 universities in China, and also a doctoral teaching point of public health, computer technology, nuclear science and other first-level disciplines of 4 universities in China. It has 77 doctoral and master’s supervisors and enrol more than 120 doctoral and master’s students every year.

Give full play to the demonstration role of provincial cancer hospitals, establish cooperative relationships with nearly 100 hospitals inside and outside the province, and actively explore the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment model of cancer. Continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, signed a memorandum of cooperation with the world’s first MD Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, sent an average of more than 10 academic leaders and business backbone abroad for more than one year, and has established business cooperation relations with the United States, Britain, Russia, Japan and other countries.

Shandong Province Technology Innovation and Clinical Transformation Platform project (Proton Center), as the “No. 1 project” and detonation project of Jinan International Medical Science Center, was officially launched on April 1, 2021, the construction speed created the “world’s most”, and obtained the national medical device registration certificate on November 1, 2023, officially put into clinical practice; The second phase of the heavy ion neutron project was approved and will soon start construction, which will take the lead in building the world’s top full-chain tumor radiotherapy technology system, and achieve the grand goal of “international leading” within five years.

  • Established_In 1958
  • Hospital_Grade Top three specialist hospitals

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