Chimeric Antigen Receptor BCMA CAR-T for multiple myeloma

CAR T-cell therapy, a form of immunotherapy, targets and destroys blood cancer cells.

3d render of T cells attacking and killing cancer cells

Fucaso® (Equecabtagene Autoleucel Injection): The World’s First
Approved Fully-human CAR-T

Approved Indications

Fucaso® is used to treat adult patients with recurrent or refractorymultiple myelomawho have progressed after at least third-line therapy


Note: At least one proteasome inhibitor and one immunomodulatory agent have been used

  • The world’s first approved fully-human CAR-T

    Breakthrough fully-human CAR structure: low immunogenicity, long persistence

  • China's first approved CAR-T for the treatment of multiple myeloma

  • China's first independently researched and fully self-produced CAR-T

Fucasu® Has Excellent Clinical Efficacy

Strong tumoricidal
  • ORR 98.9%
  • ≥CR 82.4%
  • MRD negative rate 97.8%
Long duration
  • Median durability 419 days
  • 2-month sustained MRD negative rate 80
  • 2-month PFS rate 85.5%
Excellent safety
  • Grade 3 ICANS 0%
  • Incidence of ≥ Grade 3 CRS only 1%
  • No movement/cognitive impairment
  • No Parkinson's disease
One infusion
  • Single treatment, return to normal life

Integrated Diagnosis and Treatment Platform for
International Patients in China

Whole Process Planning
  • 1.Preliminary Assessment of Condition and Needs
  • 2.Consultation and Medical Treatment Arrangements
  • 3.Insurance and Entry Assistance
  • 4.Medical Journey Planning
  • 5. Disease Tracking and Follow-up
Expert Consultation
  • 1.Collection and Collation of Medical Records
  • 2.Translation of Medical Records
  • 3.Text Consultation
  • 4.Video Consultation
Local Guide Services
  • 1. Assist with Hospital Invitation Letter
  • 2.Assist with Visa Processing
  • 3.Arrange Accommodation
  • 4. Pick-up and Drop-off Services and Transportation Services
  • 5.Help Get Phone Card
  • 6.Life Assistance
  • 7.Arrange and Assist Daily Travel
Hospital Guide Service
  • 1.Calculated as 2 Persons/Month
  • 2. Provide Accommodation Assistance for Overseas Personnel (Registration with Public Security Organs for Overseas Personnel, Selection of Hotels, Apartments, Residences with Foreign-related Qualifications for Accommodation)
CAR-T Treatment
  • CAR-T Cell Technology Services
Family Accommodation
  • 1. Lutong for Designated Hospitals
  • 2. Assist with the Arrangement of Investigations, Hospitalization, and Receiving Treatment
  • 3. Translation Escort in Hospital
  • 4.Assist with the Issuance of Bills

Integrated diagnosis and treatment services for international patients in China


  • ①Confirm willingness
    to treatment

    ②Confirm hospital

    ③Provide medical records and examination data

    ④Multinational consultation for assessment of treatment options

  • ①Select Service Package

    ②Contract Signing and Payment of Intent

    ③Visa processing (including patients and theirfamilies)

    *Assist patients in filing with the Immigration and Entry Administration of the Consulate to extend the visa period if the visa is granted for less than 3 months

    ④Detection of pathogens, drug elution

  • logistics

    Exclusive Medical Team Provide full-process VIP services

    Establish patient files
    Collection and Translation of Medical Records
    Expert Video Consultation and Online Translation
    Summary and Translation of Consultation Evaluation

    Provide pre-line services

    Confirm the order and sign the agreements
    Lutong and Schedule of Visit to China
    Assist in arranging and translating hospital invitations
    Assist in visa processing
    Assist in contacting the insurance company for reimbursement
    Arrange pre-online guidance
    And provide a guidebook

Provision of Domestic Services

Entry-exit assistance
Assist in exchange, payment and settlement
Provision of custom commercial insurance
Arrange pick-up and transportation
Arrange accommodation for overseas personnel
Provide mobile phones and lflytekTranslators in China
Life assistance and translation escort
Arrangement of examinations, hospitalization
treatment with CAR-T
Accompanied by Medical Interpreter
Arrange accommodation for family members

Provide full-course management services

Online follow-up
Regular multinational consultation

Introduction of Service Package

Service Classification Service Category Services Equity
Consultation Services Professional Arrangement of Chinese Medical Records Within 2 Working Days
Translation and Writing of International Cases in English, Japanese, etc.
Video Consultation with Chief Physicians of TOP 10 Hematologic Oncology Hospitals in China h
Zoom Platform and Medical Interpreter
Appointment Services Authoritative Hospitals and Expert Recommendations
Mailing Services for Image Film Slides
Appointment of Hospital and Expert
Appointment of Physical Examination for Accompany (Free) Person
Hospital Invitation Letter
Hospital Cost Estimation Letter
Assist in Visa Processing
Travel Services Authoritative Hospitals and Expert Recommendations
Guidance on Overseas Payment (Alipay Account Registration, Currency Exchange)
Two Pre-departure Online Meetings (Contract Guidance + Pre-departure Guidance, including Translation)
Vehicle Standard Comfortable Car
Vehicle Service (Hospital-residence Round Trip) 10 Times
Pick-up or Drop-off Services at Domestic Airports
Translation Services Accompanying and Translation Service in Hospital (Professional Medical Personnel) 6 Times (< 4 h/time)
Translation Services Accompanying and Translation Service in Daily Lifed 5 Times (< 4 h/time)
Translation Service in Daily Life (iFlytek Global Translator) Note: A deposit of 5000 yuan is required 1 Month
Medical Services CAR-T Product Equecabtagene Autoleucel Injection (Trade Name: Fucaso)
Basic Treatment Pre-treatment Evaluation and Related Examinations, T-cell Collection,
Lymphocyte-clearing Chemotherapy, CAR-T Reinfusion, Evaluation
Hospitalization Weeks (without ICU)
Local Services Accommodation Arrangement (Foreign-related Hotels, registration with Public Security Bureau Five-star Hotels for 30 days
TMobile Phone for Communication (with Social Software such as Whatsup, Facebook and Application Software such as Alipay, Translation Software) Note: A deposit of 5000 yuan is required 1Month
Local SIM Card (Free Telephone Fee) RMB 300
Medical Document Translation Service (Discharge Summary in English)
Information Inquiry Report of Related Disease (Free)
Assist in Visa Extension
Assistance with Hospital Settlement and Refund Guidance
Assistance with Hotel Lease Termination Procedures
Assistance with Arranging Return Matters
Assistance with Mailing Hospital Bills
Follow-up Services Assist in Communication between Doctor and Patient in Post-treatment Follow-up (Whether Online Communication is Needed) Once in 1 Year
Provide Re-appointment Service to the Same Hospital in China Once in 1 Year
Additional Services Accident Insurance (Insurance Amount of 200,000) 30 Days

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