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Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast grow uncontrollably. Breast cancer cells can continue to divide uncontrollably, resulting in the formation of tumor cells. Although breast cancer is more common in women, men can be affected as well. In general, any change in the appearance, texture, or pain of the breast can be a sign of breast cancer.

Several options are available for breast cancer treatment in India, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, target drug therapy, and surgery can be an option. Your doctor or your physician will do a series of tests to diagnose any abnormalities  whether the location or size of the tumor.

Breast Cancer treatment cost in India is more affordable than in countries like the US, Russia, Europe etc. For patients coming for the treatment of breast cancer in India , the best hospitals are available with affordable healthcare packages and top-quality equipment or apparatus with the assurance of excellent treatment quality and top-class doctors.

What is Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is characterized by uncontrollable cell growth in breast tissues. Breast cells can multiply in any part of the breast unrestrictedly.

It could be either benign or cancerous. Benign tumors spread slowly and do not affect other organs or tissues. A malignant tumor can spread to other parts of the body if left untreated and uncontrolled.

What Are the Types of Breast Cancer

There are various types of breast cancer based on the area of the breast where excessive cell proliferation has developed. The most prevalent types of breast cancer are as follows:

  1. Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS)
  2. Invasive Lobular Carcinoma (ILC)
  3. Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS)
  4. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India for Different Cities

City                              Cost (INR)

Bengaluru            INR 95,000 – INR 15,00,000

New Delhi            INR 90,000 – INR 14,00,000

Mumbai                INR 98,000 – INR 15,50,000

Gurgaon               INR 92,000 – INR 15,00,000

Chennai               INR 95,000 – INR 15,50,000

Hyderabad         INR 90,000 – INR 15,00,000

Pune                      INR 95,000 – INR 15,50,000

Kolkata                INR 90,000 – INR 14,50,000

Kochi                   INR 95,000 – INR 15,00,000

*Note – The cost variables described above for breast cancer treatment cost in India are not constant. It could be determined by the country and type of treatment chosen.

Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

If you have a tumor in your breast, your cancer care team will review your breast cancer treatment options in India with you. It is essential that you thoroughly consider each of your options and compare the benefits of each treatment option against the potential risks and adverse effects.

  • Breast cancer treatment in India price starts at 4000 USD.
  • The cost of breast cancer treatment in India is determined by the type of therapy used and the duration of time the patient has been sick.
  • After breast cancer treatment in India the patient must stay in the hospital for three days and then leave for 15 days.
  • Mammogram, Breast Assessment, Breast AugmentationBiopsy, PET scan, and MRI are some of the tests used to diagnose breast cancer in India .

Factors Affecting Breast Cancer Treatment Cost in India

Breast cancer treatment in India can also depend on a number of criteria, such as:

  • Doctor’s competence and experience in the subject.
  • The patient’s situation: The patient’s disease and whether additional modalities are required for comprehensive treatment.
  • Breast cancer treatment in India price packages can depend on the hospital’s preference.
  • Duration of hospitalization and stay in the country.
  • Need for post-operative care.
  • Hospital room classification.

What Are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If a woman detects any of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, she may have the disease. Patients may not notice all signs, which is why breast cancer screening and diagnosis are important. Screening should be done every two years for those who can afford it to ensure there are no symptoms of the disease.

There are a few breast cancer and cell abnormality symptoms that should be examined, evaluated, and detected right away are mentioned below:

  1. A massive bulge from the breastfeeding
  2. The shape and size of the breasts have fluctuated recently.
  3. The breast skin has grown dimples or the breast cells have deciphered
  4. The Place of the breast has inverted
  5. Rashes or pigmentation Begin to grow on the eyebrow
  6. Irregular fluid release is observed in the nipples
  7. You May feel lumps or swelling in the eyebrow
  8. There’s abnormal pain or distress in the breasts which does not go away.

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What Are the Causes of Breast Cancer

According to the best oncologist in India, breast cancer develops when some breast cells grow abnormally. These cells divide at a faster rate than healthy cells, causing a lump or mass to form. Cells in your breast may spread to lymph nodes or other parts of your body (metastasize).

Breast cancer, also known as invasive ductal carcinoma, tends to be caused by cells in the milk-producing ducts. Breast cancer can start in the glandular tissue known as lobules (invasive lobular carcinoma) or in other cells or tissues within the breast.

Research suggests that way of life, hormones, and environmental variables are all associated with a risk of breast cancer. However, it’s unclear why some people with no risk factors get cancer and others with risk factors never do. Breast cancer is most likely brought on by a complex interaction between your environment and genetic makeup.

The following factors have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer:

  1. Being Female
  2. Increasing Age
  3. History of breast conditions
  4. A family history of breast cancer
  5. Obesity
  6. Radiation Exposure
  7. Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy
  8. Overconsumption of alcohol

Best Oncologist in India

How Is Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Done

A physical exam is usually used to diagnose breast cancer in India. When symptoms are present, doctors may recommend the following tests:

  1. Mammogram
  2. Biopsy
  3. Breast Ultrasound
  4. Ultrasound of Lymph Nodes
  5. Blood Tests
  6. Breast MRI Scans

If caught in the early stages, breast cancer has an exceptionally high survival rate and a great chance of surviving through the intermediate stages. Early detection and treatment can save many lives because the chances of success and long life significantly fall from the advancing phases.

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Q: How Long Does Breast Cancer Treatment Take?

A: If you have early-stage breast cancer, you’ll typically have chemotherapy treatments for three to six months, but your doctor will vary the duration based on your specific circumstances. Treatment for advanced breast cancer may last longer than six months.

Q: How Many Weeks of Chemo Do Women Get for Breast Cancer?

A: Chemotherapy cycles are usually 2 or 3 weeks long. Depending on the medications utilized, the timetable changes. Chemotherapy, for example, is only given on the first day of the cycle with some medications. Others may receive it once a week for a few weeks or once every other week.

Q: Can Breast Cancer Be Cured Completely?

A: Breast cancer does not have a “natural” cure. To eliminate, reduce, or slow the growth of tumors, medical therapies are required. However, you can utilize alternative therapies and lifestyle changes in addition to regular medical treatments to help control breast cancer symptoms.

Q: How Soon After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Is a Surgery?

A: Overall, the duration between diagnosis and operation is fewer than 90 days. Breast cancer is commonly treated with three surgical procedures: lumpectomy, mastectomy, and lymph node removal.

Q: Can Breast Cancer Spread While Waiting for Surgery?

A: However, it is unclear if these short-term delays will allow a woman’s tumor to develop. Researchers found no evidence that a “modest” delay before surgery allowed breast cancers time to develop and spread in 818 patients treated at their clinic in the current study.

Q: What’s the Best Approach to Reduce Breast Cancer?

A: But, it’s much easier in the event of breast cancer because the indicators are evident. Women having a family history of breast cancer, that has passed age 40 or who are experiencing similar symptoms should have mammograms at least in a period of 2 decades. Early disclosure is the trick to operative therapy. Women should realize that discovery of cancer in the early phases has a 100% success rate. Click the link to Learn More about breast cancer therapy in India.

Q: Can I Want to Keep a Special Diet Following Breast Cancer Therapy?

A: Breast cancer operation is a significant surgical procedure and therefore dietary restraints are there. On the other hand, the specific diet may only be prescribed with your dietician at the time of your release.


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