Putin Says Russia Is Close to Creating Cancer Vaccines. A Look at China’s Advancements

Putin Says Russia Is Close to Creating Cancer Vaccines. A Look at China’s Advancements



Recently, a viral piece of information has swept the internet. According to reports, Russian President Putin revealed that Russian scientists are close to developing a cancer vaccine and a new generation of immunomodulatory drugs, which can soon be made available to patients for effective personalized treatment.
However, Putin did not specify which type of cancer this vaccine would prevent or how it would prevent it. Nevertheless, this news has spread widely internationally, with some even exaggerating its effectiveness. So, is this really true?
It is reported that the information revealed by President Putin is indeed true and will soon be used for personalized treatment. It can be confirmed that this cancer vaccine is a therapeutic vaccine. However, it is not a treatment for all types of cancer but rather a “highly customized” vaccine based on a certain gene sequencing, targeting different mutation sites, including multiple sites, for each patient.
Cancer vaccines are a form of active immunotherapy and an important part of tumor immunotherapy. They work by stimulating or restoring the body’s own immune system to prevent cancer development or kill existing tumors. Cancer vaccines mainly include cell vaccines, DNA vaccines, mRNA vaccines, peptide vaccines, dendritic cell vaccines, nano vaccines, etc., and have shown promising clinical efficacy in the treatment of solid tumors such as malignant melanoma, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer.
Cancer Vaccines

Cancer Vaccines

According to data from, China has about 150 ongoing tumor vaccine projects. China’s first mRNA tumor vaccine is targeting FDA approval, and more tumor mRNA vaccines are emerging, targeting lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and more.

The personalized tumor neoantigen vaccine LK101 injection has been approved for clinical use!

On March 15, 2023, according to the official website of the National Medical Products Administration Drug Evaluation Center (CDE), the new drug clinical trial application (IND) of the personalized tumor neoantigen vaccine “LK101 injection” independently developed by Beijing Likang Life was approved for the treatment of advanced solid tumors.
It is reported that this product is the first domestically approved personalized tumor neoantigen vaccine to enter clinical stage and the first completely personalized mRNA editing product approved for clinical stage in China, marking a milestone event in the field of mRNA tumor vaccines in China.
On December 22, 2022, LK101 injection submitted a new drug clinical research application (IND) and was accepted. This personalized tumor neoantigen vaccine adopts the form of mRNA-DC (mRNA-dendritic cell) vaccine, which transfects dendritic cells with mRNA encoding tumor neoantigens ex vivo. The vaccine not only has high safety and good tolerance but also can provide patients with long-term anticancer effects.

Disease iNeo-Vac-P01 new antigen vaccine!

Personalized cancer vaccines significantly effective against a wide range of advanced solid tumors
The research team of Zhejiang Shao Yifu Hospital designed a peptide-based neoantigen vaccine iNeo-Vac-P01 and conducted a prospective clinical trial, enrolling a total of 22 patients with standard treatment failure and a wide range of advanced solid tumors. Using the iNeo artificial intelligence vaccine design platform, personalized peptide drug preparation and quality control system were used to customize iNeo-Vac-P01 vaccine for each patient.
After treatment, the results showed that among the 22 patients with advanced malignant tumors, 20 had no adverse reactions or had mild adverse reactions. The disease control rate was 71.4%, and the median progression-free survival was 4.6 months, with the median survival not yet reached.
The study suggests that for patients with advanced solid tumors, iNeo-Vac-P01 monotherapy is feasible and safe. It can induce T-cell-mediated immune responses against tumor neoantigens and may have good anti-tumor efficacy.

JCXH-211: Targeting multiple solid tumors with tumor neoantigen mRNA vaccine

Recently, a tumor neoantigen mRNA vaccine developed by Jiachen Xihai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. JCXH-211 has obtained FDA’s IND approval. JCXH-211 is a novel drug based on self-replicating mRNA encoding interleukin-12 (IL-12), which can express IL-12 in the body at a low dose for a long time and is suitable for the potential treatment of various advanced solid tumors.
Preclinical studies have shown that JCXH-211 can effectively kill tumor cells, eliminate distant tumors, and prevent tumor recurrence. This excellent tumor clearance effect is due to the strong antiviral immune response induced by RNA replicons and the strong antitumor immune response activated by IL-12. In comprehensive GLP toxicological studies, JCXH-211 has shown high safety.
The Phase 1 clinical trial of JCXH-211 will evaluate the efficacy of single-agent JCXH-211 in patients with advanced malignant solid tumors who have progressed or cannot tolerate existing treatments after receiving current treatment. This trial is open to patients aged 18 or older with at least one tumor lesion suitable for IT injection, measurable disease according to RECIST1.1, sufficient organ function, and an ECOG physical status of 0 to 1. Let’s wait and see its effectiveness!
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