Shanghai Hospital Achieves Complete Remission and Discharge of the 100th Patient with Relapsed/Refractory Lymphoma Treated with CAR-T Therapy

Shanghai Hospital Achieves Complete Remission and Discharge of the 100th Patient with Relapsed/Refractory Lymphoma Treated with CAR-T Therapy



Ruijin Hospital,

affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, announced that with continuous exploration in clinical practice, experts have made progress in CAR-T cell therapy for lymphoma, benefiting an increasing number of patients. This advancement is of significant importance for further promoting and expanding the application of CAR-T therapy, allowing more patients to benefit from it.


is a malignant tumor originating from the lymphatic hematopoietic system and encompasses a family of nearly a hundred different subtypes. Relapse and drug resistance pose major challenges for patients. CAR-T products have the potential to improve treatment outcomes and facilitate the broader application of CAR-T therapy among a wider range of patients in China.

CAR-T therapy

involves genetically modifying T cells to equip them with the ability to recognize tumors, enabling them to kill cancer cells in the body. If natural T cells can be likened to “ordinary soldiers,” then CAR-T cells can be considered as “special forces.” For cancer patients, the 5-year survival rate is an important milestone and a signal of cancer being cured. Achieving a 5-year survival implies that some cancer patients treated with CAR-T therapy can obtain long-term survival without further anticancer drug treatment, truly achieving the possibility of “cancer being cured.” Aunt Qin, the first patient enrolled in China’s CAR-T registered clinical trial in 2018, has achieved sustained complete remission for over 5 years and is about to enter the 6th year.

100th patient

At Ruijin Hospital, the 100th patient with relapsed/refractory lymphoma treated with CAR-T therapy has achieved complete remission and been discharged. The patient, Ms. Xu (alias), is a 41-year-old woman who now has a healthy complexion. She was initially diagnosed with follicular lymphoma and underwent chemotherapy and targeted therapy. However, the disease relapsed three months later, transforming into high-grade B-cell lymphoma. High-grade B-cell lymphoma is highly malignant with a poor prognosis. Professor Zhao Weili from the Hematology Department at Ruijin Hospital conducted a detailed analysis of Ms. Xu’s condition and developed a treatment plan for her. On November 22, 2023, after receiving CAR-T cell infusion, Ms. Xu showed complete remission of the tumor during the follow-up examinations at one month and three months.

To assess whether the condition is suitable for CAR-T therapy, you can submit pathology reports, treatment history, and discharge summaries to the Medical Department of <Advanced Medicine in China> for preliminary evaluation!

You can send electronic copies or photos of genetic testing reports and diagnostic reports to:

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The Medical Department will contact you as soon as receive the reports.

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