A significant breakthrough in Chinese solid tumor CAR-T therapy, resulting in complete remission for pancreatic cancer patients.

Chinese pharmaceutical company SciCoMed announced a significant breakthrough in treating metastatic pancreatic cancer with its independently developed CAR-T cell therapy targeting Claudin18.2, known as CT041. Pancreatic cancer, often termed the “king of cancers,” presents a significant challenge with low survival rates. However, CT041’s two representative cases have garnered attention: two patients with refractory pancreatic cancer, who failed multiple lines of treatment, received CT041 therapy. The results showcased a substantial reduction in tumor lesions and, in some cases, complete disappearance, offering a glimmer of hope for pancreatic cancer patients.
In the case of a 58-year-old female patient, lung metastases significantly decreased post CT041 treatment. Similarly, a 75-year-old female patient achieved complete remission by the fourth week post-treatment, maintaining remission to date. These successful cases validate the remarkable efficacy of CT041 for refractory pancreatic cancer, sparking interest and anticipation among international experts.
Moreover, CT041 has garnered recognition for its efficacy in the field of digestive system tumors. As the world’s first CAR-T cell therapy targeting Claudin18.2, it demonstrates promising prospects in treating digestive system tumors. Research data illustrates that among 37 patients, 83.3% experienced tumor regression, with an objective response rate of 48.6%. Additionally, CT041 displayed significant effectiveness in late-stage gastric and pancreatic cancer patients, offering hope for future treatments.
The rapid development of CAR-T therapy in China involves over 20 companies contributing significantly. CT041’s success signifies China’s progress toward becoming a global leader in CAR-T therapy. Moving forward, scientists will continue efforts to enhance efficacy and reduce side effects, providing a ray of hope for more late-stage cancer patients.

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