China’s National Immigration Administration Introduces 5 New Measures to Facilitate Entry China for Foreign Nationals

China’s National Immigration Administration Introduces 5 New Measures to Facilitate Entry China for Foreign Nationals
China’s National Immigration Administration has officially implemented five new measures starting from January 11th, aimed at further facilitating entry for foreign nationals. These measures aim to streamline the processes for foreign individuals engaging in business, studying, and tourism, contributing to a more open and high-quality development.
1.Eased Entry Conditions: The administration has relaxed the conditions for obtaining port visas for foreign nationals engaged in urgent non-diplomatic or non-official activities such as business cooperation, visits, investments, family visits, and private matters. Those unable to obtain visas overseas in time can apply for port visas upon arrival with relevant documentation, including invitation letters.
2.24-Hour Transit without Inspection Procedures: Foreign nationals transiting through key hub airports such as Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Daxing, Shanghai Pudong, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Xiamen Gaoqi, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shenzhen Bao’an, Chengdu Tianfu, and Xi’an Xianyang, can now enjoy 24-hour direct transit without immigration inspection procedures. Passengers with international connecting flights within 24 hours can skip border inspection and transit without a visa.
3.Local Visa Extension and Renewal Services: Foreign nationals in China for short-term business, visits, investment, family reunions, tourism, or private matters can conveniently apply for visa extensions, renewals, and replacements at the local public security exit-entry administration, provided they have legitimate reasons to continue their stay.
4.Multiple Entry Visas: To meet the needs of foreign nationals requiring multiple entries into China for legitimate reasons, the administration allows applicants to apply for multiple-entry visas with relevant proof, such as invitation letters.
5.Simplified Visa Application Documents: Streamlining the visa application process for foreign nationals, the administration exempts the inspection of certain paper documents if the required information is available through information sharing, such as accommodation registration records and business licenses. Additionally, for short-term family reunion visas, a relative relationship declaration can substitute for formal proof of kinship.
These policies aim to enhance the efficiency and convenience of entry procedures for foreign nationals, contributing to China’s ongoing efforts in international openness and cooperation.
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