Breakthrough! Chinese Novel CAR-T Therapy Kills Tumors and Prevents Relapse!

🌟✨ **Breakthrough! Chinese Novel CAR-T Therapy Kills Tumors and Prevents Relapse!** ✨🌟


CAR-T Therapy

🔬 On January 2, 2024, a groundbreaking clinical study from China was published in *Nature*. This study, employing engineering design, enables CAR-T cells to secrete Interleukin-10 (IL-10), thereby enhancing metabolism within the tumor microenvironment. The modified IL-10 CAR-T cells increase oxidative phosphorylation in a mitochondrial acetoacetate carrier-dependent manner, resulting in complete regression of solid tumors and metastatic cancers, including colon cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, and pancreatic cancer. This breakthrough research offers new hope for cancer patients.

🌱 **The Miracle of IL-10** 🌱

The secretion of IL-10 promotes the proliferation and effector functions of CAR T cells, leading not only to the regression of solid tumors but also inducing stem cell-like memory responses in lymphoid organs, providing enduring protection against tumor re-attack. Specifically, IL-10 HER2 CAR-T cells achieved complete regression of MC38-HER2 tumors in mice, with a cure rate of 90%. In the case of melanoma, IL-10 TRP-1 CAR-T cells achieved a clearance rate of 60%, with significant success in treating the orthotopic B16F10 melanoma model.

🦠 **A Weapon against Relapse** 🦠

In addition to complete regression of solid tumors, IL-10 CAR-T cells demonstrated the ability to prevent relapse in immunodeficient mice. Mice treated with IL-10 CD19 hCAR-T cells for Raji or PANC1-CD19 tumors exhibited complete tumor regression without relapse, indicating stronger anti-tumor capabilities of IL-10 CAR-T cells in xenograft models. Particularly noteworthy is the effective elimination of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) tumors by IL-10 CD19 hCAR-T cells, resulting in complete response in all treated mice.

💊 **A Revolutionary Treatment Approach** 💊

These findings suggest that IL-10-expressing CAR-T cells are an effective immunotherapy against various solid tumors, capable of achieving complete regression in multiple synthetic and xenograft tumor models. What’s more exciting is that preliminary results indicate the metabolism-enhanced IL-10 CD19 CAR-T cell therapy developed by Leman Biotech requires extremely low treatment doses, consistently achieving complete remission in numerous relapsed/refractory lymphoma or leukemia patients, paving the way for a new era in cancer treatment.

✨ **A Beacon of Hope** ✨

This breakthrough study brings hope to cancer patients and demonstrates the immense potential of CAR-T therapy in cancer treatment. Looking ahead, further advancements in this technology promise to provide more opportunities for recovery and survival to patients worldwide. Let’s anticipate more breakthroughs together and strive towards conquering cancer


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