TIL Therapy: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment Worldwide! China Accelerates into the Fast Lane!

🌟 **TIL Therapy: Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment Worldwide! 🌎** China Accelerates into the Fast Lane!

📈 The number of cell immunotherapy trials for solid tumor treatment has surged globally, with a staggering growth from 66 in 2020 to 140 in 2022, a remarkable 110% increase! Particularly, TIL therapy trials have seen a remarkable surge, now accounting for 17.1% of all solid tumor treatments, sparking a new trend in cancer therapy that’s capturing the attention of researchers and companies alike.
🎯 TIL therapy boasts natural advantages in solid tumor treatment, boasting rich tumor-specific target points, robust tumor infiltration capabilities, and minimal side effects.
🔬 On February 16, 2024, the U.S. FDA officially greenlights Iovance Biotherapeutics’ lifileucel therapy for unresectable or metastatic melanoma, a groundbreaking personalized T-cell therapy using TIL sourced from the patient’s body.


🚀 In early 2022, China’s Grit Biotechnology’s GT101 injection became the first TIL product to enter clinical trials, signaling China’s entry into the global TIL therapy scene. With players like Juncell Therapeutics, LANMA BIO, and BT Gillion joining the fray, Chinese TIL therapy is on the fast track to development, exploring various indications including melanoma, cervical cancer, lung cancer, and more!
TIL therapy

TIL therapy

💰 According to Sullivan’s forecast, the global CGT market is set to skyrocket to $22 billion by 2025, with TIL therapy leading the charge.
💡 Chinese TIL therapy is paving its own path to commercialization and industrialization, offering cost-effective treatments compared to the U.S. Stay tuned for more innovations in cancer therapy from China! 🇨🇳
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