Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment in CHINA: TX103 CAR-T Approved for Clinical Use Against Recurrent Brain Gliomas

🔬”Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment in CHINA: TX103 CAR-T Approved for Clinical Use Against Recurrent Brain Gliomas”🔬🧠

Brain Gliomas

Brain Gliomas

✨ Exciting news in cancer research! Fuzhou Tuoxin Tiancheng Biotech’s TX103 CAR-T, a revolutionary therapy for recurrent stage 4 gliomas, has received clinical approval. 🌟 🧠

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Fuzhou Tuoxin Tiancheng Biotech Co., Ltd. (“Tuoxin Tiancheng”) has achieved a significant milestone with the clinical approval of their “TX103 Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Injection” (TX103 CAR-T) for the treatment of recurrent or progressive stage 4 brain gliomas.🧠
TX103 CAR-T is a targeted therapy focusing on B7-H3. The B7-H3 target belongs to the B7 ligand family, showing excessive expression in various cancers while maintaining low or no expression in normal tissues. B7-H3 possesses non-immunogenic functions such as promoting migration and invasion, angiogenesis, chemotherapy resistance, endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition, and influencing tumor cell metabolism. Its expression in tumors is associated with poor prognosis, making it valuable in tumor immunotherapy.🧠
The therapy has already been approved for clinical trials in both China and the United States, with this recent approval marking a new indication. In August 2022, TX103 received clinical approval for the treatment of late-stage solid tumor patients who are TX103 positive, have failed standard treatments, or experienced intolerable toxicity after standard treatments with a confirmed pathological diagnosis.🧠
In September of the previous year, Tuoxin Tiancheng announced that their TX103 CAR-T cells, in collaboration with Tcelltech in the United States, received FDA approval for Investigational New Drug (IND) status for the treatment of malignant brain gliomas. This achievement represents a crucial milestone in Tuoxin Tiancheng’s efforts to address solid tumor treatments and promote internationalization. According to a Tuoxin Tiancheng press release, early clinical trial studies with TX103 in treating recurrent malignant brain gliomas demonstrated promising safety and efficacy signals. Furthermore, TX103 CAR-T for the treatment of malignant brain gliomas received orphan drug designation from the FDA in June 2023.🧠
Tuoxin Tiancheng

Tuoxin Tiancheng

Tuoxin Tiancheng is a clinical-stage innovative biopharmaceutical company focused on developing T cell immunotherapy products. Founded by Professor Chen Lieping, a pioneer in tumor immunology, and Professor Huang Gangxiong, an expert in immunotherapy, the company is dedicated to advancing innovative technologies and drugs in tumor immunotherapy and immunocellular therapy. With a professional team covering scientific research, technical development, quality management, production processes and registration, the company has taken a significant step forward with this clinical approval. We look forward to Tuoxin Tiancheng bringing more cutting-edge products to benefit patients. 🧠
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