Hope Reborn for Multiple Myeloma Patients – The Beginning of CAR-T Therapy

🎯Hope Reborn for Multiple Myeloma Patients – The Beginning of CAR-T Therapy🎯

⭐ Recently, Professor Li Ping’s team at Tongji Hospital in Shanghai successfully carried out Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Immunotherapy (CAR-T) treatment for a relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma (R/RMM) patient. This therapy brings new hope for the treatment of R/RMM patients.
🌟 The patient who underwent CAR-T treatment was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in Thailand in July 2021. With a high tumor burden and aggressive disease, despite receiving systemic chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (ASCT), and other treatments, the disease recurred multiple times. Within just 2 years of the disease course, the patient developed resistance to multi-line treatments, making it difficult to control the disease effectively.

🌠 As the number of relapses increases in R/RMM patients and the number of treatment lines expands, the response to treatment worsens, and the duration of remission becomes shorter. However, with the approval of the world’s first fully human CAR-T therapy drug, FUCASO (Eque-cel), in mainland China, new hope has undoubtedly been ignited for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Its breakthrough fully human CAR structure not only has low immunogenicity but also rapid dissociation and low exhaustion, allowing patients to return to a higher quality of life with just one treatment.

☄ After evaluation by Professor Li Ping’s team, the patient met the criteria for CAR-T cell therapy. After thorough communication between doctors and the patient and their family, the patient ultimately chose to undergo CAR-T therapy and completed peripheral blood mononuclear cell collection in November 2023.

✨ We will continue to monitor the patient’s treatment progress and provide follow-up reports.

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