Journey of an Indian Cancer Patient to China: Bringing Gratitude Back to India!

πŸ’πŸŽJourney of an Indian Cancer Patient to China: Bringing Gratitude Back to India!πŸ’πŸŽ

Cancer Patient

Cancer Patient

πŸ…“Before coming to China for treatment, I had many concerns because my condition was very pessimistic at that time. I was worried that I might never see my family again… But since I arrived here, everyone I met has been welcoming. The doctors are not only professional but also incredibly patient. I am truly, truly happy now, and I will bring this gratitude back to India…” These are the words of Savita, a multiple myeloma patient from India, as she tearfully recounts her long and winding journey seeking medical help.

πŸ«‘Having exhausted all treatment options in India, Savita, aged 56, felt she had reached a dead end. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2012. According to Dr. Fan Lei, the director of the Hematology Department of Jiangsu Province People’s Hospital, Savita experienced a relapse after undergoing various treatments in India, and her life expectancy was estimated to be only six months.

🌢After a series of assessments, Savita successfully enrolled in a clinical trial and underwent T-cell collection, cultivation, and pre-transplant conditioning therapy from August to September. The preliminary evaluation results one month after treatment indicated that Savita’s extramedullary lesions had nearly disappeared, suggesting a significant improvement in her condition.

🍟When Savita was admitted to the hospital, she was mostly bedridden and suffered from severe bone pain, requiring daily injections of potent painkillers. Now, she is like a different person. Not only can she live a life similar to a healthy person, but she also recently went on a trip to Shanghai with her husband, Mr. Inder.

🍣Savita’s daughter is getting married in January next year. After experiencing a “rebirth,” she is filled with hope for her future. During the interview, Savita continuously expresses her joy and gratitude. Her husband, Inder, told reporters that they shared their medical journey in China with a group of multiple myeloma patients in India, and many of them are now hoping to come to China for treatment.

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