Precision Treatment Journey: Defeating Multiple Myeloma with Chinese CAR-T Therapy

👑🍋Precision Treatment Journey: Defeating Multiple Myeloma with Chinese CAR-T Therapy👑🍋
Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma

💪Meet John, a resilient man from New Zealand who has been battling multiple myeloma, a relentless form of cancer. Severe bone pain has confined him to bed for an extended period, disrupting his daily life. However, a glimmer of hope emerged when he sought treatment at Renji Hospital’s Hematology Department in Shanghai, China.
🍒Renji Hospital’s medical team, led by Professor Hou Jian, specializes in CAR-T cell therapy, a revolutionary approach to target cancer cells with precision. John’s journey began eleven years ago when he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Despite undergoing numerous chemotherapy sessions and two autologous stem cell transplants, his condition deteriorated rapidly over the past year.
🍈Intense back pain rendered him unable to stand or walk, forcing him into prolonged bed rest and heavy reliance on pain medication. Further assessments revealed widespread extramedullary plasmacytomas in his bones and throat, along with complex chromosomal abnormalities, indicating a grim prognosis.
🍓Having exhausted conventional treatments, John explored alternative options and learned about Renji Hospital’s expertise in CAR-T cell therapy for refractory multiple myeloma. In 2016, Professor Hou Jian’s team initiated clinical trials utilizing CAR-T cell therapy, accumulating significant experience in treating relapsed and refractory cases.
🍇Upon evaluation, John’s medical team identified substantial tumor burden and compromised bone marrow function due to extensive chemotherapy. Despite the challenges, Professor Hou Jian’s team tailored a personalized treatment plan, opting for dual CAR-T therapy targeting CD19 and BCMA antigens.
🥑John has since returned to New Zealand and maintains regular contact with his medical team at Renji Hospital. Ongoing monitoring and follow-ups ensure his progress is closely tracked. “John is gradually reclaiming his daily life. Recently, he even shared photos of hiking and fishing adventures with us,” Professor Hou Jian shared.
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